Book writing and publishing”Writer बनना है तो आपको 2 चीज़ें ज़रूर करनी होंगी I

  • “Book writing and publishing”

Key Learnings from the article

According to Stephen King:

Writer बनना है तो आपको 2 चीज़ें ज़रूर करनी होंगी I

i. Reading

ii. Writing

1. Barriers in the Book Writing Process

i. Fear of not being good enough

  • Young writers fear that they lack experience.
  • Experienced writers fear that they would not be able to match the thoughts of the young generation.
  • Some aspiring writers fear that they would not be accepted among the authors’ group and the book publishing industry.

ii. Fear of rejection

Somewriters have a fear of book rejection. However, they should remember:

Golden Statement:

Rejection gives you more power to push forward.

For example:

a. J.K. Rowling, the author of the book Harry Potter, faced rejection 12 times before the book got published.

b. The Jungle Book, written by Rudyard Kipling, also faced rejection before it got published.

iii. Fear of criticism

New writers also fear that they may have to face criticism instead of appreciation. Such writers experience low confidence when family members, relatives, colleagues, seniors, or a writers group criticise their work.

iv. Fear of success

Some writers also have fear of the following things after getting success:

  • They will not be able to give enough time to their families.
  • They will not be able to handle the job responsibilities properly.
  • They are unsure of how to manage and maintain success.

v. Fear of shame

Some writers fear that they are incompetent to be a writer, people may laugh at them, publication houses will not publish their work, etc. The fear of shame restricts them from writing their ideas.

vi. Other fears

Some other fears of new writers are:

  • Fear of not getting readers for their books
  • Fear of not getting enough sales of the book
  • Fear of not getting sustainable income from the book writing
  • Fear to compete in the existing market
  • Fear of not finding a good publisher
  • Fear of not getting enough investment

 2. Book Writing Process – Overcome Barriers

i. Don’t fear rejection: You should always take the rejections/criticisms as feedback, learn from it, and move ahead to search for a better opportunity.

Golden Statement:

Successful people don’t fear rejection, successful people reject rejection.

ii. Move out of your comfort zone: A challenge always comes with an opportunity. So, you should never be afraid of challenges/risks and always take calculated risks.

3. Book Writing Course – Topics

i. Generating passive income through book writing

ii. Benefits of book writing

iii. Preparations to be done before book writing

iv. How to choose a topic for book writing?

v. Story structure

vi. Book covers designing

vii. Book title

viii. How to get the book published?

  • Self-publish
  • Online publish
  • Publish through publisher

ix. How to decide book price?

x. How to do Online/Kindle Direct Publishing?

xi. Tips to be an Amazon bestseller

xii. New-age marketing tool – InstaBook

xiii. Contracts and royalties for publisher and online collaboration

4. Book Writing Course – Professors

i. Dinesh Verma

  • He is the Founder and CEO of Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., Gullybaba Kids, and Pendown Press.
  • He helps business owners by providing book writing tools.
  • He has published more than 2200 books.

ii. Sara Khan

  • She is the Founder of Jot Down Ventures. It is a publishing house as well as an academy.
  • She is a coach and the author of 4 bestseller books.
  • She has done ghostwriting for more than 30 books.
  • She is on a mission to have an author in every house.

Key Outcomes of the Video

  • Overcome the fear of not being good enough, rejections, or criticisms as a writer  
  • Take challenges and move out of your comfort zone to be a successful author

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