25 Business ideas under 3 lakh”

Key Learnings from the article

This article enables you to start a business with a capital of Rs. 3 lakh. In this course, the following businesses and their models are discussed:

  • Blogging
  • Content writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Playschool /crèche
  • Account keeping
  • Interior designing
  • Coaching classes
  • Bakery business
  • Tiffin services
  • Salon business
  • LED light manufacturing
  • T-shirt printing
  • Gift shop
  • Soap making
  • Refurbished items

The course provides you following information about these businesses:

  • Finances
  • Cost
  • ROI
  • Location
  • Equipment
  • Raw material
  • Training
  • Market research
  • Manpower planning
  • Marketing
  • License

Evaluate your business idea before investing in it using the following videos:

  • ‘Hit or flop idea’ video
  • Successful stories

Speakers of the course

  • Mr. Ramesh Rupareliya: Mr. Ramesh Rupareliya has provided training to thousands of people about dairy farming. The same is being shared with you through this course.
  • Ms. Sunanda Banerjee: She is the speaker and auditor of this course.

Apart from them, some other speakers of these courses are:

  • Mr. Gaurav Kalra
  • DJ Sushein Goklaney
  • Mr. Vikas Rajput

Key Outcomes of the Video

  • Start business within the Rs.3 lakhs budget with the help of this course
  • Determine the finance, cost, and ROI involved in a business before starting it
  • Do manpower planning to know the human resource requirements for your business
  • Do market research to know your target market  

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