how to get millions of app downloads.


  • The use of the internet and smartphones is increasing day by day across the country. With this, mobile app users are also increasing day-by-day at an unprecedented speed.
  • Every other entrepreneur is trying to tap vast consumer base by launching a mobile app. However, most of the mobile apps launched in the market are not that successful.
  • The makers of an app are not able to understand that a mobile user has limited time, money, and space to invest in a mobile phone.
  • Therefore, a mobile app should be designed in a unique way to get hold of the user’s attention as swiftly as possible. 

Tips to Make a Successful Mobile App

A mobile App must possess the following characteristic features so that a user becomes your loyal customer forever.

1.  Give Regional Touch to the App

  • India is a country of different regional and local languages.
  • So, the apps in regional languages are growing faster than English language app.
  • Although there are very few apps in regional languages, the demand for such content has increased manifold in recent years not only in India but around the world.

2. App Should Consume Less Mobile Space

A lower or middle-class consumer generally uses a low or mid-range smartphone. So, he/she looks for an app that consumes less space of his mobile’s memory.

So, an app must:

  • not consume excessive data while downloading
  • not consume excess space in the user’s phone

3.  Launch Free Version Initially

  • Initially, give your customers the free version of your App.
  • This will encourage them to use your app and experience your content.
  • As soon as your app downloads start increasing, you can make it paid.

4.  Personalize your App

  • A consumer wants things of his/her choice only.
  • He is likely to abandon your app if he finds too many useless things or ads popping up on his screen.
  • So, it is imperative to include personalization settings in your app to help consumers to get the content only of their preference.

5. Marketing of App

Before and post-launch of the app, various marketing strategies are used to promote the app on different media platforms.

Some of these strategies are:

  • Pre-Marketing: Create hype around your App in the market through social media, TV, and outdoor marketing.
  • Post-Marketing: After the launch, advertise your App on media platforms by giving several offers and deals.
  • Cross Promotion Partners: Get a brand partner that suits your target audience for cross-promotion.
  • Make Affiliates: Build a network of affiliates for the online promotion of your App.
  • Reference: Give referral points to an existing customer for making new customers.

6. Focus on App’s Performance

The performance of an app is the most crucial aspect of its success.

Along with speed, the app must be free of unwanted programs and its interface must be simple enough to be user-friendly.

Your App should have the following features:

  • Fast processing speed
  • Fast downloaded and uploading speed
  • No bugs
  • Error free
  • Compatible with mobile hardware and software

7. Establish Friendly Engagement with Customers

With the increasing competition in the mobile apps segment, you must make your customers loyal.

You can do it by establishing a friendly engagement with customers and keep a check on your competitors.

To do so, you should:

  • Build two-way communication with customers via the app
  • Give them push notification but not in excess
  • Take suggestions and feedback about your service from the customers
  • Give elegant experience in your app

8. Ensure Cyber Security and Data Privacy

In the last few years, millions of people have come online through mobile apps.

This in turn has increased the propensity of cyber-attacks on users’ sensitive data.

This data may include Bank A/C Number, Net banking password, Pan card, ID card, Information on national defense, etc.

Many apps, including Facebook, have been sued for leaking millions of users’ data, hurting their business and users’ sentiments.

Therefore, to maintain your customer base, you have to make sure that users’ data is safe and secure.

Key Learnings

  • Give regional touch to your mobile App
  • Ensure cyber security and data privacy of your mobile app

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