A few feet of snow is supposed to be unloaded on Bison, New York, this week.

The Bison Bills are planned to have the Cleveland Browns at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday at Highmark Arena in Plantation Park, New York, right on the partitioning line of northern Erie Province, as most would

consider to be normal to get weighty lake impact snow that forecasters say could go on through early Sunday evening. That estimate makes way for a potential snow football match-up.

This wouldn't be the initial occasion when the Bills and Browns were engaged with a game including a stacking aiding of snow. Recall Dec. 16, 2007

 The Browns crushed the Bills, 8-0, on a snow-stuffed field at Cleveland Browns Arena. NFL NEWSLETTER:Sign up now to get football news conveyed to your inbox

There have been numerous popular winter wonderland games during that time in the NFL. Here are those minutes recorded backward sequential request ...

Follow each game: Live NFL Scores 2017 - Yearlings versus Bills A blizzard dropped more than 16 crawls in Plantation Park, New York, including between eight to nine creeps during the game

It was a wreck. Right off the bat in the second from last quarter, fans were even treated to an uncommon metrological 

occasion called "thundersnow," as lightning streaked over the arena. The game was not halted.

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