The Week 11 record is featured by a strong public TV plan, featured by another early evening Bosses Chargers confrontation.

Patrick Mahomes versus Justin Herbert is the Sunday Night Football match-up on NBC, went before by the late-evening public game between the Cowpokes and Vikings on CBS

On Monday Night Football, the 49ers and Cardinals will go head to head in Mexico City. Tennessee and Green Straight get going the end of the week with a TNF matchup in Lambeau Field.

Here is the entire Week 11 NFL television plan. Click here to actually take a look at your nearby postings.

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Thursday, November 17 Thursday Night Football 7:15 p.m. — Tennessee Titans at Green Narrows Packers, Amazon Prime broadly and NewsChannel 5 locally

Sunday, November 20 FOX early evening games 12 p.m. — Detroit Lions at New York Monsters, FOX-17 in Nashville 12 p.m. — Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Holy people 12 p.m. — Chicago Bears at Atlanta Birds of prey 12 p.m. — Carolina Pumas at Baltimore Ravens

12 p.m. — Washington Leaders at Houston Texans CBS early evening games 12 p.m. — New York Planes at New Britain Loyalists, NewsChannel 5 in Nashville 12 p.m. — Philadelphia Falcons at Indianapolis Foals

Monday, November 21 Monday Night Football 7:15 p.m. — San Francisco 49ers versus Arizona Cardinals in Mexico City, ESPN